Posted by: fosteringcare | April 11, 2011

Just the right words…

Two weeks since first Chemo treatment, I would know this even without a calendar because my hair is starting to fall out.

I’ve really had an “easy” time as far as expected side-effects, no nausea or vomiting and minimal fatigue (nice long naps took care of that). Last Tuesday I had about an hour of intense bone pain. I really couldn’t comprehend what “bone pain” was going to feel like, I still don’t know that I could explain it, but involuntary tears ran down my face as my “labor breathing” did not help one bit. My youngest son was the only one home and took such good care of me. He got me tissues, ibuprofen, an ice-pack sat with me and rubbed my hand.

He said, “I am so sorry mom, I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling right now.”

So simple, so sincere, so amazing. Why is it that adults try so hard to find the right words….and kids just speak what their heart says. 

Maybe it’s because of this next simple, sincere and amazing “for a whole ‘nother reason” statement he made…

Reminding my kids that my hair will be falling out has been very important to me, I just don’t want it to catch them off guard. Today after I picked up my son, we went to get his sister and I was talking about my hair thinning out… oh, I also brought our dog Sadie(who is a Boxer/Shepard mix and shedding), for the ride, which means the back window stayed open.  Anyway, we get my daughter, and start driving home…since he is youngest he sits in the backseat with the dog….and here’s the quote for the day, ready……”Ugh, Sadie!!!! There is so much hair flying around in here!!  Orrrr, is it mmmooommm???”

Gotta love the kids. Xoxo


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