Posted by: fosteringcare | March 23, 2011



   Since I was a little girl I HATED going to the dentist! Well, I loved the “Treasure Box” we got to pick a prize from…and the new toothbrushes…and the mini-sized toothpaste…but I swear that’s all.  No matter how much Novocain I was shot up with, I always felt at least one jolt of pain straight through my tooth, no joke…ALWAYS.

   As an adult I found the magic of Nitric Oxide…ahhhh the “laughing gas”…until our insurance changed and it was no longer covered…no gas, no dentist! (Or is that “no shoes, no service”…or “no shirt, no service”…or if you ever went to Glen Rock High School and had Mr.Harry Comiskey…”No Tickey, no Shirley!” Anyway……In preparation for Chemotherapy, one thing I had to get done was Deep-Clean of my teeth. I have avoided doing this for at least two years.

No avoiding it anymore.

Gum and mouth issues are a very common side effect of Chemo., and assuring the cleanest, healthiest mouth beforehand is HIGHLY suggested. The stupidity of not doing something I actually had control over in this crazy mess was not an option.

Yesterday I went to the dentist. Granted, she was amazingly sweet and the staff was equally sweet, but regardless of their sweetness…it was a DENTIST office. I sat in one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever been in, and did my deep breathing.

X-rays…no problems…poking my gums with tiny torture device…not too much problem…coming at me with injections of Novocain…little problem…turning on the “DRILL”…pretty big problem…that is, until she began. 

   Of course the regular dose of Novocain didn’t numb me, so she had to do an extra shot on my left side and two extra on my right,(numb up to my ear thank you!) Trying to fake myself out and doing my best to appear relaxed, I was suddenly aware of my hands that were folded in my lap…my two index fingers were stiff and straight up, pointing at each other as if I was doing, “Here is the church. Here is the steeple…” Ugh…so embarrassing. Consciously I relaxed them as slowly and causally as I could, only to notice it again in about two minutes, dang fingers!

Finally numb, the “drilling began”.

As I sat there convincing myself to continue breathing, (and relaxing those ridiculous fingers), I felt the dreaded, familiar jolt of pain. Immediately my entire body wanted to jump out of the chair, (although it WAS waaayyy comfy), and scream “STOP!” But just as quickly the realization hit me, “This is nothing. This is SO nothing. I have Breast Cancer. I have been through needle biopsies, lymph node biopsies, a lumpectomy, a re-excision… and was going the next day, (today), for the placement of a port for Chemotherapy…not to mention the ACTUAL Chemotherapy…AND not to be left out the future mastectomy & reconstruction! Pssshhhhaaaww…this is nothing.”

My mouth, (and face), was so numb I had to wait several hours to see if the alignment of my “bite” was correct…it was a little off on one side. I went back, sat in that chair, (how much are those anyway?), and she “sanded” my tooth down.

No Novocain.


 (I did get a new toothbrush and toothpaste!)  🙂



  1. Love this. Thanks for posting about it. Love you. Am praying.

  2. You are quite the writer. I wish I was writing more during my journey. I have been nothing but a couch potato.

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