Posted by: fosteringcare | July 21, 2010


I grew up a “natural” child of a foster family.

The term “natural” child has never set right with me, as if any child could be “unnatural”. More accurately, all children are natural, some are simply living in very “unnatural” circumstances.  When I was 13 my parents decided to become Foster Parents. I don’t recall them sitting us down and discussing the possibility with us; my sister(15), brother(7) and me,  but I am quite sure they did just that, we were no stranger to family meetings. What I do remember is being excited with some fairy-tale idea of what it all meant and going to as many of the trainings as possible. I also remember knowing that there were children that needed somewhere safe to stay until their parents got things back on track, and without a doubt, I remember when we got our first call asking if we could take a “sibling group”. That phone call began my life as a “natural” child.


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